The Neoclassical Theory of Investment

Dale W. Jorgenson contributed to the development and understanding on the neoclassical investment theory. In the following post I will try to outline and discuss the neoclassical investment theory in simply words. At its heart, Jorgenson’s investment model bases on the idea that there exists an optimal capital stock.  Economic actors, such as firms, invest and disinvest in order to reach the optimal capital stock. Continue reading

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WordAds: Minimum Traffic Requirements

When having a blog hosted at, there come a time when all bloggers will ask themselves the same question: What is the minimum traffic requirement for WordAds?

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General Principles for Specifying a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model

The Dynamic General Equilibrium Model (DGE) is characterized by various features. Firstly, a DGE is dynamic, which means that it considers an economy over time. Second, it considers a general economy, which implies that the modelled economy is fully specified. Lastly, the model relies on an equilibrium concept. Continue reading

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Clustered Standard Errors in STATA

In STATA clustered standard errors are obtained by adding the option cluster(variable_name) to your regression, where variable_name specifies the variable that defines the group / cluster in your data. The summary output will return clustered standard errors. Here is the syntax:

 regress x y, cluster(variable_name)

Below you will find a tutorial that demonstrates how to Continue reading

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Why use Julia Language!

Julia has been around since a couple of years now and continues to attract new users. Julia Language uses concepts from well established programming languages in order to create an easy-to-use high performance software.

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How to Enable Gui Root Login in Debian 9 – KDE5 Plasma

In this post I am going to explain how to enable GUI root access on Debian 9 – KDE5 Plasma (thanks to Dario Alejandro for the instructions). The following instructions vary those published in previous posts, as those explain how to enable Gui Root Login in Debian 8 and Debian 9 for gnome.

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Julia-R Cheatsheet – Mathematical Operations

Mathematical Operations

What are the commands for the most important mathematical operations in Julia and R? The following table translates the most common Julia commands into R language.

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