WordAds: Minimum Traffic Requirements

When having a blog hosted at wordpress.com, there come a time when all bloggers will ask themselves the same question: What is the minimum traffic requirement for WordAds?

Consulting the FAQ on the WordAds page (https://wordads.co/faq) does not tell you much: A site generally needs thousands of pageviews each month to earn meaningful revenue, it says. Certainly, this answer does not help. Fortunately, the web is full posts and comments of people speculating about the minimum traffic requirement. Needless to say that none of them truly knows the exact number. We can nonetheless learn from past observations and try to approximate the current number with some estimates. It appears that the minimum traffic requirement of WordAds is not constant over time. When Automattic launched WordAds on November 29, 2011, some blogs were accepted with less than 5000 pageviews per month. However, the number of views required to be accepted to the advertisement program quickly rose after the initial launch. In the following years some bloggers reported that they got accepted when reaching 15000 views per month, others speculated that the number was further rising. Lately, reports on blogs being accepted to WordAds have been rare.

I applied to the WordAds program in January, 2015 with 471(!) monthly views. Clearly, WordAds did not accept my blog right away. So I had to wait. As I am a somewhat lazy blogger, my views did not rise sharply. However, they kept on increasing on a slow, but steady pace. I had some ups and downs until finally in October 2017 I hit the magic barrier: 15000 views per month.



Some month earlier, I read some comments on the existence of blogs that were in the program and had allegedly 10000 views or less. So when reaching 15000 pageviews and still no news from WordAds I got impatient. I finally found the motivation to write WordAds directly. I got an immediate standardized message saying that they have received my mail.



After sending the mail I was expecting a standardized reply forwarding me to the there FAQs. To my amazement, Kris, a happiness engineer @ wordpress, wrote back to me within a couple of hours. And Kris lived up to his job description, I got a positive answer. My blog was approved to the WordAds program with little over 15000 pageviews a month.


We can conclude that the minimum requirement to be accepted at the WordAds program is still around 15000 pageviews per month, maybe even less. To conclude, one thing I noticed when searching the web for hints and reports on the minimum traffic requirement, various bloggers got accepted to WordAds after having wrote them an email. I do not know if there is a causality behind this pattern or if sending an email just triggers the responsible person at WordAds to review your application in more timely fashion. Nevertheless, if you feel you might be in the range of being accepted, it certainly does not hurt to write an email.


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