I am a PhD student in economics in Zurich, Switzerland. This blog allows me to post thoughts, concepts and ideas on various topics. Generally, I benefit a lot form blogging as once I begin to gather my thoughts and start to write them down my understanding of a subject sharpens considerably. Ultimately, this is my key motivation for blogging. Naturally I’d love to get some remarks, comments and critics as well.

Many blogs I follow comment and criticise contemporary issues. Only few focus on the underlying theory. I suppose that the demand for theory is much lower and consequently I do not expected this blog to become a high frequency blog. It is very time consuming to produce posts of a certain quality. As work keeps me busy basically all week long, and generally also weekends, it usually takes a long time to gather enough information to create a post. I hope that most of the post are easy to understand and formally correct. In case you consider an article incorrect or poorly written, please leave a comment and I will revise the post. And do not worry, I myself would literally re-write every single post.

Although I mostly covered econometric topics up to now, it is uncertainty and its effects on the real economy that keep me up all night. Besides uncertainty I also try to develop an understanding of the economy in general and find that economic history helps a lot with that.

Finally, mihi ipsi scripsi!


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