I am a PhD student in economics in Zurich, Switzerland. This blog allows me to post thoughts, concepts and ideas on various topics. Generally, I benefit a lot form blogging as once I begin to gather my thoughts and start to write them down my understanding of a subject sharpens considerably. Ultimately, this is my key motivation for blogging. Naturally I’d love to get some remarks, comments and critics as well.

Many blogs I follow comment and criticise contemporary issues. Only few focus on the underlying theory. I suppose that the demand for theory is much lower and consequently I do not expected this blog to become a high frequency blog. It is very time consuming to produce posts of a certain quality. As work keeps me busy basically all week long, and generally also weekends, it usually takes a long time to gather enough information to create a post. I hope that most of the post are easy to understand and formally correct. In case you consider an article incorrect or poorly written, please leave a comment and I will revise the post. And do not worry, I myself would literally re-write every single post.

Although I mostly covered econometric topics up to now, it is uncertainty and its effects on the real economy that keep me up all night. Besides uncertainty I also try to develop an understanding of the economy in general and find that economic history helps a lot with that.

Finally, mihi ipsi scripsi!


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,
    My name is Ricky and I think your blog is superb. I was wondering if you had a facebook or a way to signup to get notifications every time you post something new? I don’t have a wordpress account nor do I intend to just to get notifications.

    I would love to do a masters in behavioural economics and am at the beginning stages of learning statistics. I was never a maths orientated person from young and so always allowed my pursuit of mathematical understanding to proceed me. However, being on exchange in the Netherlands has really taught me the importance of data and presenting data using linear regressions and so forth. I was wondering what your advice would be for someone like me who is interested in this area but has very limited knowledge but would love to learn more (i.e. where should I begin?).

    Kind regards,
    Ricky Gordon.
    B.A. Commerce & Arts

    1. Hi Ricky

      Glad to hear that you like my blog. An efficient way to study linear regression are courses at university. Universities usually offer a wide range of econometric courses and provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to reach a certain level.

      Unfortunately, I am not on facebook. However, if you want to subscribe to my blog you can simply subscribe to it via email (so no WordPress account needed).


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“In God we trust; all others must bring data.” W. Edwards Deming

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