Julia-R Cheatsheet – Creating Random Numbers

Creating Random Numbers

How to create random number in Julia and R? The following table translates the most common Julia commands into R language.

Julia R
Create uniform random numbers
A = rand(10)
A = runif(10)
Create normal random numbers
A = randn(10)
A = rnorm(10)
Create normal random numbers (mean=1,std=2)
using Distributions
A = rand(Normal(1,2),10)
A = rnorm(10,1,2)
Create Gamma distributed random numbers (shape=1,scale=2)
using Distributions 
A = rand(Gamma(1,2),10)
A = rgamma(10,
           shape = 1,
           scale = 2)
Create Beta distributed random numbers (alpha=1,beta=2)
using Distributions 
A = rand(Beta(1,2),10)
A = rbeta(10,1,2)

Complete Julia-R Cheatsheet
1) Creating Vectors
2) Creating Matrices
3) Creating Random Numbers
4) Manipulating Vectors and Matrices
5) Accessing Vector/Matrix Elements


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