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Omitted Variable Bias: Violation of CLRM–Assumption 3: Explanatory Variables must be exogenous

One reason why the omitted variable leads to biased estimates is that omitting a relevant variable violates assumption 3 of the necessary assumptions of the classical regression model that states that all explanatory variables must be exogenous, i.e. From this … Continue reading

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The Gauss Markov Theorem

When studying the classical linear regression model, one necessarily comes across the Gauss-Markov Theorem. The Gauss-Markov Theorem is a central theorem for linear regression models. It states different conditions that, when met, ensure that your estimator has the lowest variance … Continue reading

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What is an indirect proof?

In economics, especially in theoretical economics, it is often necessary to formally prove your statements. Meaning to show your statements are correct in a logical way. One possible way of showing that your statements are correct is by providing an … Continue reading

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Proof of Unbiasedness of Sample Variance Estimator

Proof of Unbiasness of Sample Variance Estimator (As I received some remarks about the unnecessary length of this proof, I provide shorter version here) In different application of statistics or econometrics but also in many other examples it is necessary … Continue reading

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