Create Venn-Diagram in R

A Venn diagram (also sometimes also called primary diagram or set diagram) is a diagram that depicts all possible logical relations between a collection of sets. Certain subjects, such as omitted variable bias, can be best be explained by using a Venn diagram. This post shows how to construct a Venn diagram in R.

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How to Read an Excel File in Julia Language? An example.

This article shortly describes how to read an Excel file into Julia. Generally, one can use different libraries to read Excel files, including XLSXReaderExcelReaders or Taro. In this tutorial I will focus on Taro as it created the fewest problems and provides – at least in my eyes – an easy to understand syntax.
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Tobin’s q-Investment Theory

In the 60s and 70s, economists including Nicholas Kaldor and James Tobin came up with an alternative investment theory: the q-investment theory, sometimes also referred to as Tobin’s q-investment theory. At its core, Tobin’s q theory of investment relates fluctuations in investment to changes in the stock market. Although the theory gained popularity only in the 70s, first elements of the theory can already be found in works of John Maynard Keynes. In his General theory of employment, interest and money, Keynes mentioned already that investment might be linked to the stock market.

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