Julia-R Cheatsheet – Accessing Vector/Matrix Elements

Accessing Vector/Matrix Elements

How to access vector and matrix elements in Julia and R? The following table translates the most common Julia commands into R language.

Julia R
Access one element
A[2, 2]
A[2, 2]
Access specific rows
A[1:4, :]
Access specific columns
A[:, 1:4]
Concatenate vertically
A = [[1 2]; [1 2]]
A = rbind(c(1,2),c(1,2))
Remove a row
A[[1, 2, 4], ]
A[-3, ]
Diagonals of matrix
Get dimensions of matrix

Complete Julia-R Cheatsheet
1) Creating Vectors
2) Creating Matrices
3) Creating Random Numbers
4) Manipulating Vectors and Matrices
5) Accessing Vector/Matrix Elements




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