Description Weight Calories Dataset

Description Dataset body_data

The dataset body_data contains data on my personal weight and my sport activities. I collect these data on a daily basis. I try to weight myself in the morning before having breakfast and always use the same balance. My sport activities consist in running and indoor cycling. I track my running with Runtastic. All data referring to running stem from this app. I cycle indoor on a Reebook S1. All data referring to cycling refer stem from the board computer of Reebook S1. I will update the data on a regular basis. Last Update: April 17, 2016.

Variable Name Description Unit
date Date of observation Date
weight Body weight Kg
time_weight Time of weighting (usually before having breakfast) Time
sport Type of activity Indoor Cycling or Running
starting_time Begin of sport activity Time
duration Duration of sport activity Time
distance Distance covered Km
calories Calories burned during activity Calories
cycling_level Average cycling level Level of spinning bike 1-20
ave_page Average pace while running Minutes per km
avg_speed Average speed while running Km per hour
max_speed Maximum speed while running Km per hour
elevation_gain Elevation gain while running Meters
elevation:loss Elevation loss while running Meters

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