21 Reasons Why You Should Never Date an Economist

Even though this list has been around for quite a while (I think inesad.edu.bo posted it first in autumn 2012), I think it just doesn’t get old. On the contrary each time I read through it, I just can’t stop laughing. Hope you enjoy this little re-post 🙂

  1. Economists may be dangerous. Watch out for the invisible hands!
  2. It won’t matter what you supply, they will always demand more.
  3. They consider selfish behavior the most natural thing in the world.
  4. They prefer doing it with models and dummies.
  5. Economists habitually deflate everything.
  6. They like their love lives like they like their markets: free and open.
  7. On average they are pretty mean.
  8. And definitely too trendy.
  9. They will never be happy with you as you are, they will always want you to grow.
  10. They require a lot of stimulus in order to expand.
  11. They will spend their lives trying to predict your behavior.
  12. They consider you perfectly substitutable.
  13. They’ll only like you if you have plenty of elasticity.
  14. They will always think that there is an acceptable level of unemployment.
  15. As soon as you are happy in the relationship they’ll burst your bubble.
  16. They’ll only be into you if you have plenty of boom and bust.
  17. They’ll never say “I Love you” only that “You optimize my utility”.
  18. They will rate your kids’ advancement into a Human Development Index.
  19. They will establish very clear household property rights to avoid the tragedy of the commons.
  20. If you ever get depressed, they’ll lower their interest rate to zero.
  21. They might collect a stratified household survey of family and friends, run regression and cluster analyses and check for heteroskedasticity before deciding to commit to you. (On the plus side you might get to see what your love looks like as a formula).


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